Friday, April 17, 2015

"Kill "Em All!"

In the most painful way there is. And make them KNOW ahead of time that's what we're going to do, so they'll think twice before they wantonly MURDER Christians and Jews for BEING Christians and Jews. What the hell makes THEM the arbiters of the “right faith” to have? We need to stop listening to the pantywaist politicians who piss and moan about the “rights” of the Islamic terrorists we capture? Don't “hold” them, KILL them when they're caught in the act. And kill them in such a way that they suffer a slow, PAINFUL death. That's all they deserve. William W, Johnstone, in one of his many excellent books, just before his character put a bullet between a thug's eyes, said, “Some people just don't have the right to live.” And he's right. These people have, by their very actions in murdering and maiming, raping and beheading people, adults and CHILDREN, sometimes right in FRONT of their children before raping and beheading THEM, too, have, in my opinion, spurned every right they MAY have once had to stay alive a minute longer than it takes to hunt them down and KILL them in the most painful way possible. (Just common sense)

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