Saturday, April 4, 2015

"Understand Economics? You're Bad"

That's what Lisa Wade, a “professor” at Occidental College in Los Angeles says. She says if you have an understanding of economics you're much less likely to contribute to liberal “causes,” and she's right. But not for the reasons she THINKS. If you understand economics--REALLY understand economics, not the crap they teach in college today, you're MORE likely to see through the bullsh-t liberals preach and, are thus LESS likely to contribute to their “causes.” The whole point of this is that almost ALL the liberal economic theories are BOGUS. So why “contribute” to them? It's common sense! It's NOT that you're a “bad person.” It's that you can easily see through the crap they try and feed you and you won't support them with your money. She thinks that's "being a bad person." Actually, it's just common sense. She thinks students should take “balancing classes” offering “a different kind of economics.' Of course, that presupposes that economic theory is subject to somebody's OPINION. It is not. “A is A.” It CANNOT be “B” or “X.” Economics is immutable. It IS, or IS NOT. You can't make economics be what you WANT it to be. It just IS. (Pundit Press)

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