Thursday, April 2, 2015

Why Not Target Muslims?

Have you noticed that all the “attacks” on businesses for refusing to cater gay weddings or provide flowers for them, etc. are on CHRISTIAN businesses? Why don't they “attack” MUSLIM-owned businesses, since Muslims are KNOWN to be virulently and murderously “anti-gay,” and even to make laws to arrest and imprison, sometimes beat and KILL gays in countries they control. Are they AFRAID to challenge Muslims because the Muslims might KILL them, and Christians won't? And as the article linked here asks, “What are they going to do when Obama finishes his “Islamization” of America? Will they continue their “attacks,” but on Muslims, now? I doubt it because I don't think Muslims will “roll over and show their bellies” like beaten dogs as do Christians, and these people are cowards. If Muslims ever DO “take over” here, gays better move away because Muslims are the most intolerant outfit going and they will be targeted for DEATH under their LAW. (Godfather Politics)

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