Sunday, April 5, 2015

Will Eric Allow This?

I'm surprised. Several members of the Black Panthers have been indicted in a case where they planned to blow up the St. Louis Arch and KILL the Ferguson, MO police chief. Considering the AG's refusal to prosecute other members of the same outfit for standing in front of a polling place in “cop-looking uniforms” carrying “batons” (knightsticks), and intimidating voters who come to vote for or against Obama into voting FOR him, I don't think this case will ever come to court. Eric will never allow it, because “they are his people.” AG Eric Holder has decided, on his own, which laws he will enforce, and which he will NOT enforce. If course, some of his “decisions” are “inspired” by what Obama wants. Specifically in the “Border Wars.” Both of them are violating the law by so doing, but who is going to “call them on it?” (Daily Caller)

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