Saturday, April 4, 2015

Where's the Outrage?

In Dearborn, MI, a Muslim-owned bakery refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding—and nobody said a word. Why? Because liberals are cowards. They won't pick a fight with people who won't back down, and Muslims will NOT back down. Muslims are the most bigoted group in the world. When they find a gay person, they just KILL him/her. Former Iran President Ahmadinijerk once told a reporter, “We don't have gays in Iran.” Then he asked him, “Do you know of any? Can you give me their names and addresses?” He didn't say so, but the reason he wanted their names and addresses is so he could send his cops to go and kill them. The reason there are no (known) gays in Iran is that they KILL them as soon as they find them. That's the Islamic way. If they want to kill you for not BELIEVING the “right way,” they CERTAINLY will kill you for being GAY. But liberals don't say a WORD. Because it isn't about gay marriage. That's just a “hook” to use to create dissension and hatred against CHRISTIANS. The whole thing is a “war against Christians,” so they couldn't care less about the bigotry of Muslims. (Fire Andrea Mitchell)

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