Monday, April 27, 2015

"No Greater Threat?"

“Than global warming.” (or “climate change,” Or whatever they're calling it today. They had to change its name when it was proven the globe wasn't “warming” and hadn't been for a long time.). That's what Obama is now telling you, proving he has “bought” AlGore's swindle, hook, line, and sinker.” There hasn't BEEN any “warming” for 18 years, but he thinks it is our single biggest worry. Forget about “mad Muslims going wild and killing everybody in sight, even other Muslims, because they don't approve of how they believe. And it is, mostly by FOOLS pushing it to put money in their pockets or to gain even more power over what you do WHILE putting more money in their pockets—which is Obama's goal. Look for him to keep pushing it even AFTER he leaves office—if he ever does.

He might even USE it to have an EXCUSE to remain in office. Gore even wants to PUNISH people like me, who can see through his swindle and say so. Now even the NSA is “getting into the act with their “creepy” waste basket mascot. He looks strangely like a blue “Sponge Bob Square Pants.” Look for Obama to come out with some “penalties” for “global warming deniers,” even if they are unconstitutional. But when has he ever worried about the Constitution? (The College Conservative)

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