Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"Global Warming Denier"

What a stupid description THAT is! It intimates that the person who denies AlGore's SWINDLE is some kind of a criminal for denying it! Now there is a new term, “climate change denier,” the change becoming necessary when it was noticed that for more than FIFTEEN YEARS, the “globe” has NOT been “warming” and he needed a more “neutral term” to describe his swindle, so he could attribute ANY kind of a major swing in weather to his swindle and keep the money flowing into his pockets. “Climate change” as a descriptive term, means NOTHING. His whole swindle is based on the LIE that man CAN “change the climate.” Which is stupid, in itself, and arrogant to a fault. Now he wants to PUNISH people who criticize him for pushing his swindle so they'll SHUT UP. He can't PROVE anything, so he wants to just SHUT UP the people (like me) who point out the stupidity of his swindle. And now that he has conned the PRESIDENT into believing (or pretending to believe) his swindle, even MORE gullible individuals are beginning to buy it.

Obama isn't using it to put money into his pocket so much as he is using it as an excuse to give himself more power. Gore has used it to become a BILLIONAIRE. The facts are these: global climate is CYCLICAL. It changes all the time, regardless of ANYTHING man can do. AlGore (and now Obama) has seized upon it to either line their pockets with money from gullible people or to arrogate more power to themselves. Gore says , “climate change (once known as global warming) is 'settled science,' and almost all scientists agree that it is real, and is man-made.” That's a stupid statement, in itself. There is no such thing as “settled science.” Science is constantly changing as new discoveries are made. Science IS. “A is A.” It is not subject to “consensus.” It was once “settled science” that the Earth was FLAT, and the sun revolved around the Earth. Which illustrates just how “settled” it is. I can't believe how many otherwise intelligent people are “buying into” this con. I probably shouldn't be surprised, since they “buy into” many cons, mostly run by politicians. Fred Singer, the “climate scientist” who designed the very instruments they USE to falsely say climate change is real, and is caused by man, poo-poos them. And he should know. But they have ostracized him. (Skeptical Science)

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