Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Incredibly STUPID Criminals

The riots in Baltimore disgust me. Not because they're happening, but WHY they're happening. They SAY they're happening because of the death of a guy named Freddy Gray at the hands of the cops. I don't think so. I think Gray's death is just an EXCUSE for the gangs to go wild, looting and stealing, and hurting people. They're so incredibly stupid they think they can “take out” the cops and forever have their way with the populace. That's about as stupid an idea as I've heard. Do they think that if they steal enough, and hurt enough cops, they'll just “go away” and leave them to their own devices? Not a chance. If the gangs get the upper hand, cops will rush in from everywhere, bringing their “big guns,” and wipe them out. They think the cops will never start shooting them, but if it gets bad enough, even the most gentle of people will be standing right behind the cops saying, SHOOT 'EM! And gang members will die. The ones who don't die will go to prison for the rest of their miserable lives. And peace WILL ensue. (Just common sense)

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