Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Full of Himself

I've always known some politicians are really “full of themselves,” but rarely does one have the stupidity and temerity to state it publicly. Eric Holder is such a stupid politician. He MUST know that a majority of Americans who are not taken in by his rhetoric and the rhetoric of others (mostly Democrats) are aware of his many CRIMES as Attorney General, Most of them come simply from refusing to enforce laws that are on the books, while ENFORCING the ILLEGAL “rules” set down by Obama. Yet now he says, his tenure will “go down in history as 'the golden age' for the AG office. How “puffed-up” and “self-important” is that? That was my “laugh of the day.” In reality, if they ever get a REAL Attorney General in office, this guy will end up in prison. The same would apply to Obama if our laws represented reality. But a “golden age?” Not hardly. A "Stupid Age," maybe. Somebody with the power to do so needs to launch a REAL investigation into his actions as AG and put HIM in prison, where he belongs. (Weasel Zippers)

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