Friday, April 24, 2015

"What's the Beef?"

Oh. Forgot. There's no beef involved. It's anything that comes from a PIG. Bacon, ham, pork or pork products, etc. Oxford Press has made an incredibly STUPID decision to no longer allow ANY mention of pigs or pig products in their books from now on, to “avoid offending Muslims.” How incredibly STUPID is this? Maybe CHRISTIANS should stop buying their books, as well as stop writing for this publisher. Why is it more important in a Christian world, to offend Christians to keep MUSLIMS from “getting their knickers in a knot?” It amazes me how incredibly STUPID some Americans can be. A bunch of fifth century fools go around KILLING innocent people all over the world, rampaging against mostly UNARMED people and brutally murdering them, CLAIMING to be doing it “for their faith.” But any “Religion” that says it's okay to KILL those who don't believe in it is no religion, at all, it's just a bunch of murderous thugs PRETENDING to be a religion. And their wishes should NOT be considered, about ANYTHING. I've noticed a certain pizza maker that is advertising a pizza made almost entirely of BACON, with THREE FEET of bacon wrapped around it. Good for them! They don't say they're doing this to “tick off” the Muslims, but I'd bet it does, anyway—and more power to them! (Survival Joe)

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