Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Demonstrating vs. Rioting

Peaceful demonstrations are legal under our system of law. Riots are not. What makes the difference? The intent to damage and loot vs. the intent to educate. There's a classic example of that in Baltimore right now. The mayor said we need to give them room to demonstrate, and for those who want to destroy, room to do that, too. That last part is wrong. And STUPID. We need NEVER to “give them room to destroy.” Those who want to destroy are simply CRIMINALS, taking advantage of a volatile situation to do their dirty work. The same was true in Ferguson, MO. Yes, there were some there who really believed the lies told by the other thugs present, but the biggest number of “demonstrators” there were IMPORTS who just wanted to rampage and LOOT. The difference is obvious: if they concentrate on looting and burning, they're CRIMINALS, and should be “apprehended.” A good example of that is the guy who cut the fire hose in Baltimore to make it more difficult to save the CVS building, which other criminals set on fire so they could loot it.(Just common sense)

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