Thursday, April 30, 2015

"Biden Fever"

The American Spectator says, “Biden fever is growing as Hillary becomes less and less viable as a candidate." If Biden is all they've got beyond Hillary, they're in REAL trouble! Biden is best known as “The King of Gaffes” because every time he opens his mouth he slips his foot in it. And the ideas he spouts are about as stupid as they come (like his advice to take a shotgun and “fire a warning shot” to run criminals off, which only served to get charges filed against some good people). The only thing Biden accomplished as VP was to keep Obama alive, even with all his crimes and scandals, as nobody wanted to contemplate him as president if somebody killed Obama. But for him to run on his own hook? Unthinkable! He's only second to Hillary herself as a person least wanted as president. I think the Democrats are in big trouble if the Republicans come up with ANYBODY worth while to nominate. I say “please, PLEASE nominate him to run!” That will GIVE us the election for sure. Unless they steal it, as they did before. (Minutemen News)

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