Saturday, April 11, 2015

UN Wants Your Guns

No matter that we rejected the UN Gun Treaty, they still want your guns. They recently issued Resolution 2117, which mandates member nations collect citizens’ arms and destroy them. They don’t want any guns in the hands of citizens when they come in and take over. Look at Australia, Canada, and Great Britain to see that citizen disarmament just doesn’t work to reduce gun violence. But that’s only their “cover story.” They don’t care about that. They just want to reduce the number of civilian guns THEY will meet when they come for their enemies in any country. They are authorized to “act as peace keepers within the borders of conflict areas.” And who decides what ARE “conflict areas?" THEY do. Without input from the United States government. Which means they can come in, at their whim, with THEIR guns, and use them against us, and we will not have any legal guns with which to defend ourselves against their “blue helmets.” So I guess the only answer is going to be ILLEGAL guns which will still be in easy access. (Patriot Update)

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