Friday, April 3, 2015

"It's All About Opportunity"

Alysin Camerota left Fox News for CNN, apparently not caring about the ramifications of it. Yes, they may have offered her “more opportunity” to advance her career than Fox did in the short run, but in fact, she HAS “gone to the dark side.” CNN is going “down hill” fast, due to their political orientation and liberal slant of the news, and her “opportunity” won't last long as they continue their “downhill slide.” She's obviously completely unaware of the difference in basic opinion that exists between Fox and CNN. Fox continues to climb to the TOP of the heap because a majority of Americans are tired of being LIED to and are avoiding CNN like the plague. The only thing that keeps them afloat at all (so far) is the liberal bosses at various institutions (like hospitals, restaurants, etc.) insist on showing CNN all the time while nobody watches. I noticed during a couple of hospital stays that none of the hospitals I know of even carry Fox in their Cable rotation, even though Fox is the most-watched news source out there. (The Blaze)

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