Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hillary's Stupid Goals

Hillary says she's going to “topple the rich.” What the hell does THAT mean? And what would happen if she succeeded? Democrats are always talking about such things, never considering the EFFECT of what they promise. Why the hell would ANYBODY want to “topple the rich? SOMEBODY has GOT to be rich in order for society to survive. The “rich” are the people who MAKE society WORK by coming up with all the original ideas and making them work. The money THEY spend hiring people to do the things that MAKE them rich creates the JOBS that are NEEDED in order for society to survive. In a communist (socialist) country, only the government officials are rich. Or live like the rich on stolen money. And nobody seems to notice.What does “toppling the rich” entail? Nobody knows, much less Hillary, who is “rich as Croeses” herself, with “ill-gotten gains” she got by screwing the public, getting million dollar advances for books nobody wants to read and don't buy, and accepting bribes from foreign countries. She gives speeches, the content of which is completely unimportant and charges $300,000.00 to spout blather before fool people willing to pay that much to hear nonsense. I'd like for her to tell me just what “toppling the rich” even MEANS! She can't, because there IS no meaning to what she's promising, but nobody questions her about it. The kind of people she wants to vote for her are too IGNORANT. (Just common sense)

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