Thursday, April 16, 2015

One Reason Only

There's only ONE REASON why Iran is willing to engage in the “dog and pony show” these “talks”about stopping them from getting a nuclear capacity are. That is to make them safe from attack by countries in the area who are concerned about what they would DO with a nuclear capability (at least for the next ten years), considering their penchant for screaming, “death to Israel,” and their determination to “push Israel into the sea” sentiments which they have never hesitated to shout to the skies. Liberals say we have no right to stop them getting a nuclear bomb, and except for them being run by lunatics we could not TRUST to have such a cabaility without using it on innocents to further their “fevered desires,” they would be right. The world accepted Russia having a nuclear capability because they knew that “mutual assured destruction” would stop them from using it, Russia may be run by CRIMINALS, but they're not INSANE criminals, as is Iran. (Just common sense)

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