Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The "Muslim Mafia"

They don't like what we say about them because it's truth—and they don't want the truth out there. Truth about the activities of Islamic terrorists, yes. But also about “mercy killings,” forcing their women to go about wearing what amounts to a mobile “tent,” Not allowing women to get a divorce unless the man agrees, at the same time allowing a MAN to get a divorce by just parading up and down the street shouting, “I divorce thee!” Then there is the “temporary marriage” that allows a Muslim MAN to engage in a “temporary marriage” for one night only, getting a divorce the way I just described the next morning. This allows a Muslim to use a prostitute without violating his “faith.” Then there are the “rape laws” where a woman who was raped needs FOUR male witnesses to the rape to prove it, and can be punished herself for “sex outside of marriage.”

The whole Muslim “religion” seems to be simply an accommodation for what MEN want to do and to HELL with women. They're just “property.” It's also there to make LEGAL the abuse of small CHILDREN, with the “marriage laws” allowing “marriage” to girls as young as age 6, and allowing a child to be FORCED into such a “marriage” against their will—and they call US “corrupt.” So the “Council on American-Islamic Relations (a DECLARED terrorist support organization that is a HAMAS front group) is SUING a father-son reporter combination for writing and publishing an article they consider “slander.” Never mind that what they consider slander is what we call TRUTH. They figure even if they cannot win such a suit, they can cost these men enough money to “break them” financially and thus discourage them from writing such articles. (World Net Daily)

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