Saturday, April 25, 2015

HIllary: "Change Your Religion!"

That's what she wants to MAKE us do to support baby murder. She says we're going to have to have (force) people “change their religious beliefs” to support abortion. What an arrogant bi-ch she is! Infanticide is MURDER! It's against the law! (Maybe not liberal laws, but that doesn't count.) But she wants to violate the Constitution in order to FORCE it on us. Who the HELL does she think she is? For my part, Hillary can blow it out her blow-hole! At whichever end of her it is. I make ALL the decisions regarding religion for ME. She doesn't get to even ASK me to change my beliefs, WhatEVER they are! If she thinks she will ever be ABLE to, she's a total damned FOOL! But then. We know she's a damned fool, anyway. She tells us that every time she opens her front blow hole, just by the STUPID statements she makes. (Liberty Alliance)

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