Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Making Light of Terrorism

If the Devil himself was out there murdering people (and there are many who say he is now) there would be idiots in America who would be on his side, and would “make light” of his killing. That's what we have now, only it is our PRESIDENT that is doing so, and his “henchmen” in the government are doing likewise. Hence, the media (who are in his pocket) do so, also. They never refer to their atrocities as “terrorism.” It's as though they don't know the word. They call the terrorists, “militants,” or “gunmen,” or “fighters,” but never “terrorists.” They call their atrocities those of “resistance,” or “desperation” or “workplace violence.” Even when they shout “allahu akbar!” to the skies as they kill innocent people, Obama and his accomplices STILL refuse to call it what it is. He STILL calls the Islamic terrorist attack at Ft. Hood “workplace violence,” which is one of the best ways for him to help them WIN. I keep saying that, and people keep telling me I'm crazy. But wait around and see who is “crazy.” (American Thinker)

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