Saturday, March 14, 2015

Unknown Industry

What to do with dead babies? That's a big question to some people, who just can't think about not taking advantage of a business opportunity. So what would they do? Not throw those millions of dead babies in the dumpster as they used to do. Now they're “harvesting” the organs of the dead babies and installing them in animals to keep them alive until they can sell them to willing customers. This could lead to even more abortions because of the profit motive. A motive even more powerful than simply wanting to rid yourself of an unwanted child. America used to think that communist China was “depraved” for locating prisons close to organ harvesting facilities to make killing prisoners more profitable are now just as bad, if not worse. They criticized people for being for stem-cell research, as if the only subjects from which to obtain these cells were live people. They aren't. And it is not necessary to KILL those people to obtain their stem cells, unlike profiting from dead babies. (Eagle Rising)

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