Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fools With Mouths Open

Notice two of the three main characters in the photo attached to this article have their mouths wide open, much like that fool in Libya who kidnaps young girls to be sold for sexual slavery (and probably "samples" them first) who tells us how “lovely” is what he does. The things these guys do is just as bad, but they mostly do it in secret. But now they're OPENLY calling for people to KILL cops. And they're not in jail? Freedom of speech? Calling for the DEATH of other people is NOT “freedom of speech.” It is “incitement to MURDER" and punishable, if anybody will “grow a pair” and DO something about it.. But so far, we haven't found anybody with enough SPINE to do so. This is a good example of the “new racism” where blacks hate WHITES, and are not only not afraid to shout their hate to the skies, but they're willing to carry it out, too. (Infowars)

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