Saturday, March 21, 2015

UN Is Useless!

The United Nations is now telling the world that ISRAEL is the “worst offender” when it comes to treatment of its women. What PLANET are they LIVING on? Haven't they ever heard of the Muslims? And them forcing their women to go about wearing what amounts to a TENT? What about ANY man being allowed to beat them for showing so much as an ANKLE on the street? What about them not being allowed to be out without being accompanied by a male relative? What about them not being able to get a divorce while all the man has to do is walk down the street shouting, “I divorce thee?” What about THEM being punished if they're raped while the man is not punished in any meaningful way? What about the requirement for FOUR male witnesses to prove rape? How about “honor killings” where any man (usually a parent or sibling) is allowed to KILL them for so much as walking down the street with the wrong guy? What about the fact that Muslim men are allowed to look upon them, and TREAT them as if they were “chattel? What about women not even being allowed to DRIVE in some Muslim countries? And the UN thinks Israelis are worse than MUSLIMS when it comes to treatment of their women? What a damned FOOL NOTION that is! What damned fools are those in the UN who put this out! (Just common sense)

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