Saturday, March 14, 2015

How Muslims Treat Women

In Saudi Arabia, a woman was violently gang-raped by seven men. Were her rapists punished? No, not to speak of; SHE was punished, with 200 lashes and a six month jail sentence for being out without a male relative accompanying her, and then speaking to the press after she was arrested. This is how women are treated in the Muslim world: as slaves and property. Their husbands can have a “temporary marriage” with a prostitute so they won't be breaking any religious restrictions when they screw them. Then they can “divorce” them the next morning, after they've had their fun, by walking down the street, shouting, “I divorce thee” three times, using the woman's name. To prove rape, there must be FOUR (count 'em, FOUR) male witnesses to the rape, according to Muslim law. In Arabia, women cannot even drive a car. Her lawyer was punished, and even disbarred for complaining publicly about her treatment. Remember, these are NOT “Muslim extremists.” They are “moderate Muslims.” (Freedom Outpost)

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