Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It's A Myth, Folks!

They say it's not Islam killing all those innocent people because they kill Muslims, too. But that's a myth, too. There are several different branches of Muslims, and one branch thinks of the other as “Infidels” and want to kill them, too. It matters not if they are Muslims, too. If their beliefs are DIFFERENT than theirs, they want to kill them. Just because it's Muslims killing Muslims, makes no difference. ANY deviation from the beliefs of that particular brand of Islam is grounds for murder, according to the Muslim faith. ISIS is so mired in the ANCIENT Muslim teachings that it considers any other form of Islam as being apostates and thus, Infidels. And that's the basic reason for their murders—the fact that people don't BELIEVE the way they think they should. They don't have “issues” with the way we treat Muslims, except for what we do to stop them from killing us. (Liberty Alliance)

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