Monday, March 9, 2015

Democrats Turning On Their Own

After accusing everybody in the world who was NOT a Democrat of racism for opposing anything Obama wanted to do, now they're beginning to include DEMOCRATS in that number. Harry Reid's racial politics are “coming home to roost” after he had the temerity to support a WHITE MAN as the next senator from Maryland. I've noted in the past, the number of blacks, men and women, who have been elected to office in recent years, even as Democrats droned on about them being kept out. But there seems to be something more sinister about it. It seems that liberals don't DARE put forth WHITE men for political office, and Harry is suffering because of it. Did he really injure his eye by ACCIDENT? Or did somebody “help” him make an important decision he didn't want to make? In a direction he was not willing to go? (American Thinker)

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