Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A "Good Start"

I'm not saying just being a Muslim should bar somebody from being appointed to an important position in congress, but I AM saying “bumping” a Muslim with known ties to Muslim terrorists should be kept as far as possible from ANY important position in Congress. His presence on the House Intelligence Committee poses the danger of an important impediment to action that, at any key time, could be disastrous. Naturally, Carson was a Nancy Peelosi appointment, who has received many contributions from questionable Muslim organizations. He got $5,000.00 from CAIR. A known terrorist organization (close ties to HAMAS). He also has a close association with the “Islamic Association of America, one of whose stated goals is “making the U. S. an Islamic nation.” In other words, he isn't just a Muslim, but has close ties to several EXTREMIST Muslim organizations. Therefore, his presence on this committee represents a clear and present danger, and he SHOULD be removed. Better, he should be imprisoned. (World Net Daily)

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