Friday, March 27, 2015

Good Riddance!

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who ran the Senate like it was his own little kingdom (holding up ALL legislation passed by the Republican-controlled House, while calling the Congress a 'do-nothing Congress,” somehow not mentioning HE was the reason), has signaled the fact that he will not run for re-election again in 2016. If I were able, I'd jump up and down and cheer. Although hell probably be replaced by someone just as bad. That's all they've got over there. He has been the single biggest ROADBLOCK to getting ANYTHING done in Congress since Obama was thrust upon us. The Patriot Post calls it “the end of an error.” And they would be right if he were the ONLY “roadblock” to good ideas in the Congress. The New York Times says, “He pushed Obama's programs against stiff Republican opposition.” What they DON'T say is that pushing Obama's program is what caused him to LOSE control of the Senate. He says he's quitting, even though his “path to re-election” is easier than it has ever been.” Never mind he just BARELY got re-elected the last time, against a “B-List candidate.” Never mind he had the backing of Democrat billionaires, who “threw money at him” like it was water. He also says he wants to “go out at the top of my game.” What? Being demoted to minority leader and just BARELY getting re-elected in his last election is NOT “going out on top.” He has just seen the “handwriting on the wall” and doesn't want the VOTERS to “retire him” in 2016. (Patriot Post)

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