Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Secret Service (Again)

In case anybody is wondering why the Secret Service is in so much trouble, just look at the latest scandal they're embroiled in. Two TOP secret service agents were DRUNK and ran their car into a White House barrier. The secret service scandal started (we think) when a number of secret service agents were exposed in a sex and drinking scandal in a foreign country, and went through several embarrassing White House entry scandals that caused it's then head to lose her job. She was fired, when it was these two men who SHOULD have been fired. And Axelrod says there are NO scandals in the last six years! Axelrod's silly insistence that there have been NO scandals in the last six years is perfect evidence of the willful BLINDNESS of the liberal criminals running this government, today. He really thinks we're STUPID enough to believe his crap. There are new scandals coming up EVERY DAY in this administration, It's just that they're so good at “tamping them down” that nothing has been done about them except for numerous “investigations” (dog and pony shows) that go nowhere. (World Net Daily)

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