Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Psaki "Fesses Up"

After days, even WEEKS of stonewalling, she finally admitted that there is “no evidence” that Hillary Clinton ever signed the “separation statement” on leaving her job as Secretary of State. I guess she just got tired of the PRESSURE to tell the truth. I seriously doubt she got APPROVAL from her “superiors” to do it, and I suspect she isn't long for it in this job—or any other in the Obama administration after “giving in” and telling the truth. You just don't do that and stay in your job with Obama. You're either a good liar and stonewaller, or you're OUT. Of course, she put it in such a way as to give Obama “wiggle room” in a follow up. He can now “discover” a signed statement by simply having her sign one tomorrow and pre-dating it. Of course, in so doing, he will put Hillary in a very tenuous position, since signing it would prove she LIED about her private e-mail system, which was NOT “:turned over” when she left office. (Daily Caller)

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