Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spreading the Lie

I have to ask: does ANYBODY with any intelligence at all believe Obama's BIG LIE that the Tea Party is more dangerous than the Islamic terrorists? He's trying to attribute everything from the Boston Bombing to the Aurora Theater shooting to “hidden Tea Party influence” coupled with “conservative ideas.” Is he really that STUPID? Show me ONE single beheaded CHILD the Tea Party is responsible for? Show me a SINGLE Christian massacre (massacre OF Christians) the Tea Party can be PROVEN to be responsible for? Yes, there is much for Obama to fear from the Tea Party, but it's not terrorism. It's the LOSS of jobs for Democrats who have LOOTED and pillaged this nation. It's “putting Democrats out to pasture.” Something for Obama TRULY to fear. But not for us. WE are the Tea Party. Those who want to get RID of such politicians as Barack H. Obama, Eric Holder, and Hillary Stupid. (Just common sense)

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