Thursday, March 26, 2015

Obama: "Manchurian Candidate?

The “Manchurian Candidate” was a book in which an American soldier was kidnapped in Korea, brought to Manchuria, where he was brainwashed into being a “sleeper agent” who ultimately assassinates a presidential candidate, leading to another agent being elevated to the presidency, where he demands dictatorial powers to “prevent it from ever happening again.”. I think it is a good plot, and I wonder why something like it hasn't happened before. I think Barack Hussein Obama was, instead of being brainwashed, RAISED by militant Muslims, spent his early life being trained to act perfectly like a real American, given an almost impenetrable phony background, and put forward by political “money-men” like George Soros at a pivotal time,with his presidency BOUGHT for him with their unlimited amounts of money. That would explain how a complete unknown like Obama could literally come out of NOWHERE to “elbow” Hillary (the “inevitable candidate”) aside and go on to two terms as president, where his every move helps the militant Muslims in their quest to take over the world while undermining the American system of government.

That explains many things, among which is the almost impossibility of proving where he was born, and the PHONY “birth certificate” he provided which did NOT start a movement for his removal on the basis that he was INELIGIBLE to be president of the United States. It explains why he is CONSTANTLY making decisions that BENEFIT the militant Muslims all over the world. Why he not only makes it EASY for Muslims to enter the country illegally, he IMPORTS 100,000 Syrian “rebels,” many of whom ARE Muslim militants. Why he purposely LOST two wars against militant Muslims. I still expect him to try and stay in office after 2016, which will be just one more violation of the Constitution, which he has already violated many times with NOBODY “calling him” on it. (Just common sense)

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