Monday, March 23, 2015

Ignoring "Routine"

In New Jersey, authorities normally give new gun owners who have applied for “concealed carry” permits a “grace period” long enough for the permit to come through. In some areas run by FANATICAL anti-gun fools, they twist things to suit themselves so as to get convictions on honest people who have followed the law in every way it is USUALLY observed. Now comes a man who has done so, who “ran afoul” of such a fanatic police agency in New Jersey, that IGNORED the “grace period” usually given in such cases (which they CAN do, since it is something they “arbitrarily do” and is not the law.) This kind of cop just wants to hurt people who own guns (and are not cops) and doesn't care that by so doing, he is ruining this man's entire LIFE and hopes for a career in law enforcement. It's not the individual offense that counts, it's the EFFECT on this man's life that's important. Yes, those cops don't HAVE TO observe the “grace period” normally given. But this guy followed the law and procedure as he knew it, not knowing that some FANATIC would change things to suit himself. I hope governor Christie is smarter than those cops. (JulieOn Politics)

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