Saturday, March 21, 2015

"Federalizing" the Cops

Americans have long said they do not want a “federal police force” because that's one way for Washington to “take over” everything. But Obama is bent on creating such a force, by threatening to withhold federal funding (which they've become dependent upon) if they don't conform to new “rules and regulations” he is DICTATING. “Obamalaw,” is yet another overreach of constitutional authority to fundamentally transform the nation, this time by taking away local police enforcement rights and putting new rules and regulations in place as dictated by the President and Eric Holder’s Justice (injustice) Department.  Born out of the perception that racism is rampant amongst city law enforcement agencies, this new plan is intended to "address" the issue by "trampling on local rights.” Of course, the only racism that is rampant today is the blacks hating whites racism OBAMA has created, just to be used in cases such as this. (TPNN)

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