Saturday, March 7, 2015

Islamic Law In Michigan

Sharia Law is “alive and well” in America, principally in Michigan. “Islamic supremacists are embedding themselves in school boards, town councils, etc., to impose Islam on secular American society. Embedded Muslims and their well-paid stooges in local governments are passing resolutions to impose the sharia — to prohibit criticism of Islam and jihad. Councilman Alex Garza, who offered the Islamic supremacist resolution, previously devoted himself to Rashida Tlaib, the first Muslim woman to serve in the Michigan Legislature, and only the second Muslim woman in history to be elected to any state legislature in America. Garza is an Obama goosestepper, who worked as a Field Director for Organizing for America – Michigan, President Obama's campaign.”

Any attempt to install Sharia Law in America is ILLEGAL. It is unconstitutional to deny Americans the right to speak their minds and criticize ANYBODY. And if anybody needs criticizing, it is Islamic extremists, who go about beheading adults and CHILDREN, sometimes after screwing their parents (both of them) right in front of the kids, then raping and beheading the CHILDREN, all in the name of “religion.” They treat women like DIRT. They NEED such laws as this to keep criticism of their atrocities down—and Americans who allow such laws to be passed, ANYWHERE, are CRIMINALS, especially lawmakers.They should be imprisoned and, for lawmakers, executed. They call such criticism “Islamapohobia,” a made-up word to indicate the user is, somehow, mentally deficient, if he so much as “says ill” of ANY Muslim or Islamic practice. THAT'S illegal and unconstitutional, even if what he says is purely truthful. (Freedom Outpost)

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