Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Proof of Incompetence

IRS Director Kostigen is as incompetent as is any federal employee, and is responsible for millions, maybe even BILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer money being squandered illegally. I have a social security number, therefore I could claim a “refund,” even if I paid NO federal income taxes at all—IF I was an illegal. But I am a legal resident, so I'm not eligible. This is something that should be taken into account when considering paying our “refunds” to people who paid NO taxes, whether illegal aliens, or not. But not by this FOOL. He doesn't even question it. He just pays—it's not HIS money. He doesn't care. He's like so many federal bureaucrats. He cares not that he is unnecessarily spending money the American people have given had this government TAKE to ACCOMPLISH something. He just wants to give illegal aliens more reason to slip across our border. The promise of government checks. He figures that will make Obama happy, and he's right. He knows that no amount of federal “investigations” can touch him as long as Obama “has his back.” Even if he obviously LIES, which he has. (Washington Times)

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