Monday, March 2, 2015

Don't Need "Jihadi John"

Certain parts of the media say that now knowing about “Jihadi John” makes Obama's theory that all the Islamic terrorists needed was a “jobs program” a big joke. I got a clue fellas, You didn't NEED “Jihadi John” to do that. I knew the minute one of his “dumb blondes” (This doesn't mean ALL blondes are dumb, only Obama's) put that idea forward it was a big joke. Obama will do anything,SAY anything, to avoid recognizing that the ONE REASON for the Islamic terrorists to go around raping and beheading adults and CHILDREN, kidnapping innocent people and killing them, is that the whole world is not Muslim, or dead. That's their SINGLE GOAL. And anybody can see it—except that FOOL in the white House. He's either a Muslim himself, or just a Muslim sympathizer. And I wouldn't be surprised, either way. He was BORN a Muslim, Raised A Muslim, AND mentored by Muslims, all his life. Whether he is a “converted Muslim or not, it would be FOOLISH to think his thinking isn't in favor of Muslims. His ACTIONS prove it. The thing that really royally frosts me is that he can't “create” jobs for AMERICANS. How's he going to do it for ISIS? (Tea Party Politics)

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