Friday, March 6, 2015

Internet Takeover Unconstitutional

But that's not surprising. Everything Obama DOES is unconstitutional. He is an “”out of control criminal”who has conned his way into the presidency. And I believe he will find a way to stay in office after 2016. Probably by trumping up something to allow him to postpone (forever) the elections. Frankly, I fear he is doing the exact same thing Hitler did to undermine their laws and take over as a dictator. And nobody in DC has the BALLS to do anything about it. They're AFRAID! Chances are this is the last time I will have a chance to say this, so I'm going to say it now, and wait for a knock on my door from men in dark suits and aviator-style sunglasses. Obama can't let something like this go unanswered, just as his IRS can't let my report on the LYING before Congress of his IRS Commissioner go unanswered. (CNS News)

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