Saturday, March 28, 2015

"Let's Kill Some Muslims"

That's what liberals say about how the country music business reacted to the Muslim terrorist killing of 3,000 people on 9/11/01. They just can't understand why ANYBODY would criticize Islam, even though Islamic terrorists are killing, maiming, and beheading people daily (including CHILDREN) because they won't “convert” to Islam. At least, it LOOKS like they don't understand. They do. They just want to be able to gripe about our response to their killing of non-Muslims all over the world. They just don't WANT to understand that we don't LIKE being murdered, raped, and beheaded, in the name of “religion.” I say yes. Let's kill some Muslims, like they are killing US! Not those who are peaceful, but more of those who aren't. Instead of taking them prisoner, necessitating places like GITMO, just KILL them where the stand, when they get caught in the act. Stop “taking prisoners.” Make them KNOW their practices are GOING to cost them their lives, not just their freedom. I'm getting tired of liberal pantywaists who want “coddle” them while they MURDER us. (The Blaze)

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