Friday, March 13, 2015

Shades of "Atlas Shrugged!"

In Ayn Rand's “landmark” prophetic tome, “Atlas Shrugged,” frustrated liberal politicians who wanted to continue to FEED off profitable businesses for their own profit, actually made a LAW against going out of business. Today, similarly frustrated thieving politicians are frustrated by certain businesses moving out of “gun unfriendly” states and into more “gun friendly” states. The same thing is happening in Obama's “race war” (You know, the one he is trying to start so he can make laws that hinder whites and make life much easier for blacks, who now are unafraid to vent their own racism). So race whore Jesse Jackson is now suggesting they make laws against businesses moving without “permission” from bureaucrats and politicians. That's the liberal solution to everything: make a law allowing the government to be able to give “permission” to do ANYTHING. (World Net Daily)

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