Saturday, March 21, 2015

Liberal Incompetence

Liberals are good at getting elected to office and hiding their incompetence at governing. If you want evidence of liberal incompetence at governing, look at any city that has economic or other troubles that really hurt them. You'll fins they're RUN by liberals. New York City, for instance, went bankrupt when other liberals refused to bail them out. Later on, when other liberals finally DID bail them out, they recovered. Look at Detroit today. They're in the worst possible shape EVER. Now THEY';RE about to declare bankruptcy. And look at who is running things there. Look at Ferguson, MO, where the criminals are “taking over,” SUPPORTED by the liberals in their (and our) government. The fact that liberals are running things there is something they NEVER talk about. And liberals from out of town are coming in from all over to make things worse while the liberals running things have no idea of what to do. Look at any city with BIG troubles and you'll find a liberal government. There are many ways liberals have screwed things up all over the world. Linked here is a list of just a FEW of them. (The Incompetent Liberal)

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