Friday, March 6, 2015

IRS Commissioner Lies

He lied through his teeth to Congress. Not even a PRESIDENT got away with that. Bill Clinton was fined a LOT of money for it (although it was paid out of his campaign funds and did not come out of his pocket). They found Lois Lerner's e-mails—the e-mails she, and he, testified had been lost. And it was discovered that they had not even been ASKED for, by ANYBODY. What I want to know is, “:Why is this man still in charge of the IRS? Does he know so much that NOBODY dares oppose him? Why is Lois Lerner not in PRISON? Why is HE not in prison? Why is he still allowed to wield the power that goes with his position? Is he PROTECTED by our PRESIDENT because he knows the truth about where Obama was born? Does he have information that can bring DOWN this president? He'll probably come after ME for writing this. But I'm tired of seeing such people get away with MURDER! Now those e-mails have been found, and his perfidy known, will anything be DONE about it? Don't hold your breath, unless turning blue appeals to you. (Just common sense)

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