Thursday, March 26, 2015

Standing Up to Muslims

A courageous female mayor in Irvine, Texas, has taken a stand against the establishment of a “Sharia court in her area. The Muslims call this opposition the work of a “tiny fringe group” against the “will of the people.” What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff THAT is! A MAJORITY of “thinking Americans” oppose such a “tribunal” as an INCURSION on our system of laws. Our CONSTITUTION BANS it because it VIOLATES it an so many ways! Sharia law has NO PLACE in constitutional America. They CLAIM it is not a “court,” but is a “mediation panel” (whatever THAT is), with power only that willingly submitted to by Muslims. Yeah, right! “Willingly” at the point of a gun. Muslims who do not submit to it would be in danger of being killed by other Muslims. This “tribunal” is an example of the Muslim wish to set up a “shadow government” WITHIN our system which they intend to grow until it is STRONGER than our system, at which time they'll “take over.” It's time Muslims learned that they don't get to ”change our system” to match their own, which they left to come here. You don't come to someone else's house and DEMAND they conform to YOUR wishes. ANY effort to establish such a “tribunal” in the United States should be rebuffed by ANY politician who has GONADS. And ANY politician who ALLOWS it should be instantly removed from office and “drawn and quartered.” Personally, I will fight it to the DEATH, if necessary. (World Net Daily)

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