Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lying As A Job

John Kerry may not have been a very good liar when he was appointed Secretary of state, but as Hillary proved, it's a valuable skill to have when you work for Obama. Josh Earnest is learning this hard lesson, even now. Kerry was already an accomplished liar when Obama tapped him for the SoS job. He LIED when he said he “threw his medals over the White House fence” (They weren't his. He got them in a pawn shop somewhere). HE LIED when he described the activities of American soldiers in Vietnam. He lied when he said he “Went into Cambodia” while there. And he lied many other times. Now he's LYING for Obama when he says, “Climate science is as solid as gravity.” Climate science as “proof” of global warming is so “shaky” as to have allowed global warming to have been PROVED false, many times. Some “climate scientists” have ADMITTED they LIED about it to gain money for their “research. When I hear somebody compare climate science to gravity, I get a big laugh. That it is untrue and is the reason AlGore had to change the name of his swindle to something sufficiently vague it would allow him to attribute ANYTHING to his swindle. (The Blaze)

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