Monday, March 30, 2015

Is Hillary A Criminal?

It is a CRIMINAL ACT to “destroy evidence” of wrongdoing AFTER Congress has given you a subpoena to provide it. There must have been some e-mails that revealed some really bad behavior for her to summarily and arbitraily DELETE them after Congress subpoenaed them. Bad enough she is willing to suffer the punishment for deleting them after they were subpoenaed rather than suffer whatever punishment that would ensue if those e-mails were read by Congress. I suspect there was evidence she told commanders in the field to “stand down” while terrorists MURDERED four members of the embassy staff in Benghazi, Libya, including an AMBASSADOR, which could get her a long prison sentence. Or maybe evidence of something else, like accepting political contributions from foreign sources in DIRECT violation of the law. We'll never know. She has made it so, and by so doing has forever destroyed her chances to get a chance to run for president, unless “the fix is in” for her this time, instead of some other newcomer who “comes out of the woodwork” to push her aside, as happened in 2008. (Eagle Rising)

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