Monday, March 16, 2015

No Democrat Candidate

Hillary Clinton is the “inevitable” Democrat candidate for president in the next election. Why? Because they HAVE nobody else to run. Nobody who has ANY chance to win, that is. In her latest scandal, she DESTROYED a bunch of e-mails she CLAIMS were of a “personal” nature. Why did she do that? Why does she get to decide which e-mails to produce to Congress? It's “:the rule” that government officials use government e-mail, so it can be CONTROLLED by the government and, if need be, ALL e-mails can be reviewed by someone OTHER than the candidate's people to decide which ones are “relevant” and which are not. It's that CONTROL that caused her to VIOLATE that “rule” so SHE could control which ones to release. She says she only wanted to carry one device, when we KNOW you can have MULTIPLE e-mail services on a single device. And we're supposed to BELIEVE that, from a woman who has LIED to us, so many times. (Washington Times)

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