Monday, March 16, 2015

Racism? Old or New?

Obama and his friends are promoting racism as a regular thing: from disagreeing with ANY of his decisions to eating three meals a day. They continually make up EXCUSES to accuse people of racism—and it DOES exist. But not in the “old fashioned” way. The old way, WHITES hated blacks, and did everything they could to “keep them down.” A LITTLE of that still remains, But today's racism is BLACKS hating WHITES and doing everything they can to PUT them down. A la Ferguson, MO, where they wanted to put a good cop in PRISON for killing a huge thug who was trying to kill him. That has coalesced into a “kill white cops movement” masquerading as a “black lives matter” campaign that IGNORES WHITE cops killed by BLACK killers. And the blacks practicing it are not afraid to “shout their racism to the skies,” claiming to be “kept down” by a RECEDING white on black racism that is fast disappearing. (Just common sense)

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