Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Call It Something Else

That's the scam oppressive governments use to “cover” what they're doing to us. They give it “good-sounding names” and those who pay no attention to politics, “eat it up” like a hungry puppy. But those of us who DO pay attention notice. Mao Tse-Tung called his “killing spree” a “Cultural Revolution.” One of Obama's is, “The Affordable Care Act,” better known as “Obamacare.” But it is ANYTHING but “affordable. The first thing it does is DOUBLE the cost for lesser insurance while being MANDATORY for us to have. If it was worth a crap, they wouldn't need to make it mandatory. The latest such scam is “Net Neutrality,” which is ANYTHING BUT “neutrality.” It is a plan to TAKE OVER the Internet. Obama hates it that he can't CONTROL what is said on the Internet, that the Internet made his ALMOST total control over the liberal media useless.

So he wants to be able to LICENSE people when they start web sites, and be able to DICTATE what they say. Licensing does that. The power to LICENSE is the power to CONTROL, and it should NOT ever be allowed. The worst part of it is he is “doing it administratively.” They're not “passing a law” to do it, they're using the FCC, which “regulates” the “on the air” television and radio outlets, which is why they're able to mostly CONTROL what THEY say. Now the FCC is ASSUMING power to “regulate” the Internet, by saying they're doing it to “keep the 'big boys' from keeping the little guy down,” which has NEVER happened. The Internet is the last place where the “average American“ can speak freely—until now. (Tea Party Bulletin)

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