Sunday, March 8, 2015

HHS to "Help" Muslim Terrorists

What the HELL? Wasn't HHS formed to help bring federal agencies together and keep them from keeping information from each other to make it easier for us to FIGHT Islamic extremism? Why then, did Obama say we must now try to find JOBS for Muslims as a means of stopping Muslim extremism? A concept that has been roundly laughed at ever since one of Obama's bimbos put it forward, and got a big laugh when Obama himself said it? Muslims aren't looking for jobs. Some of the best known Muslim terrorists are RICH. Like bin Laden, who was richest of all? Or “Jihad John, who is ALSO rich? They have never held back on their BASIC REASON for killing innocent people, beheading women and men, sometimes in front of their CHILDREN before raping and beheading those CHILDREN because they don't BELIEVE the way they think they ought to? Who the hell does he think he's FOOLING by this? It's common knowledge that he is a Muslim SYMPATHIZER, if not a complete MUSLIM. Does he think we're STUPID enough to believe this garbage? (Tea Party Politics)

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