Monday, March 16, 2015

Hillary Needs to Be Gone

First of all, she has NO experience that would qualify her to be president, not even that of being in elective (or appointive) office for several years. Yes, she WAS a senator for PART of a term. A job she was GIVEN to keep her mouth shut while the Democrats elected a COMPLETE nonentity (Obama) to the presidency she coveted in 2008. And, yes, Obama didn't have any experience that qualified him to be president either, and look at how he has screwed THAT up. Yes, he WAS re-elected, but not because of any skill or talent of his, only because “the fix was in” and he would have been re-elected, even if ALL of America voted against him. She's being touted (again) as the “inevitable” next president. Why? Because “the fix is in, again” (if it holds) and they're just doing what they promised her to get her to “step away” while Obama took over “her” job. She has screwed up everything she tried, from her feeble attempt to install the forerunner to Obamacare, to Benghazi, to using private e-mail (against policy) for government business. And don't even TRY to convince me she NEVER used that for government business in four years. (Just common sense)

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