Sunday, March 1, 2015

Blasting Giuliani

Both NBC and CBS have blasted former NY Mayor Giuliani for criticizing Obama. It's the act of FOOLS. No president EVER deserved criticism more than Obama. He said he thinks Obama doesn't “love America,” and he's right. Obama HATES America. He has said so, many times. He was raised in a foreign country where they're taught to hate America for IMAGINED ills. Giuliani has “walked back” his comments somewhat, but should not. Never apologize for telling thew truth.Obama was also RAISED under Islam, and TAUGHT by Muslims. He was MENTORED by Muslims in a country that teaches "hate America" in its schools. Yet he CLAIMS to be a Christian while ACTING like a Muslim in every way. From saying, “There's nothing more beautiful than the Muslim call to prayer” to doing everything he can to HELP the cause of the Islamic terrorists while planning to try and make a law against criticizing Muslims, in any way. (Just common sense)

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